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Mis-Sold Car Finance Loans, PCP Mis-Selling Claims

Mis-Sold Finance Claims

Do you think you have been mis sold car finance? Ok, have you purchased a new or used car using car finance in the last 10 years? The finance agreement you signed may have been mis sold to you. For that reason, you may be entitled to claim up to a few thousand pounds.  Contact us today so that we can check your entitlement to claim for compensation. We will check your finance in detail to establish how much compensation you may be due.

What exactly isMis sold finance?

You may have been given poor advice for your car finance at the time of purchase for your new or used car. If you were not made fully aware of how your finance package was structured including any commision being earned or charged within your agreement. Due to a recent FCA investigation it has come to light there has been widespread miselling in all types of vehicle finance agreements. With the lack of knowledge to the customers. Many lenders including car dealers have charged their customers with high ineterest rates to maximise their comissions, ultimately at the expense of the purchaser. This is a total mis treatment to their customers who are signing into these extortionate finance agreements.

How much is myClaim worth?

There are several factors that can decide how much compensation you will receive, please see below:-
  • What interest rates you were quoted, and what you should have been quoted.
  • The size of the borrowing (car finance/loan)
  • Lastly the length of the finance agreement
You can make a claim on all types of vehicles, whether it be 4X4 to commercial vehicles (vans and trucks)
We would also be able to assist you with other products that have been mis sold relating to your mis sold finance I.E Breakdown cover, servicing costs, other insurance
and maintenance packages.

How do I know I have a ?Valid claim?

Its easy, check the list below:-
  • Did the sales person offer you the best rate of finance?
  • Was the finance package explained to you in detail?
  • Did the sales person or broker go through all the finance options to give you the best suitbale option.
  • Did you feel the broker/ sales person talk you into a finance finance agreement was realistically unaffordable?
  • Did the salesperson at any point explain who was financially responsible for the repairs to your vehicle?
If you are not entirely sure about the conditions above, we can still look at your agreement.

How to startmy claim

Simply complete a short form providing us the details of your finance agreement. Please provide as much information as possible in order
for us to process your claim as quickly as possible.

Any financial agreement PCP or Hire Purchase for motor vehicles including Cars, Vans, and trucks in the last 10 years, you will be eligible to claim compensation. If you
have multiple agreements from the last 10 years we can look at them all.

Your claim will be processed on a no win no fee basis, our services is free


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